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Study shows having a pet dog reduces death risk after heart attack

Two recent studies have showcased that having a pet dog by your side can effectively reduce the chances of having heart diseases and strokes significantly for the owners when compared to the risk that people have if they don’t have a pet dog by their side.

The research uncovered that people that have a canine by their side have a 24% lesser chance of deaths caused by various reasons and it also tells that there is a 33% lesser chance of death for such people when compared to heart disease survivors who live alone.

Dr. Haider Warraich said that he found the study, informative and interesting. He added that no one thinks about this point when they go to adopt a dog from a pet store. He also said that people think of it as a service to the animal but little do they know that it’s going to make their own health better. Despite all these positive comments, he said that he wouldn’t recommend his patients to adopt canines just yet as the topic still needs further research.

Out of the 2 studies, one study took data from Swedish National Patient Register that contained information of heart patients between 40-85 years of age that had a stroke or may have died due to it between January 2001 and December 2012. This along with data from Swedish board of Agricultural dog register and Swedish Kennel Club was merged together. They found out that out of 181,696 people who had a heart attack only 5.7% had a dog and out of the 154,617 people that faced a stroke, 4.7% had a dog. It was found that a heart attack survivor had more chances of being healthy by 33% if they owned a dog.

The other study took 3,837,005 people from 10 past studies and found out that dog owners had a 27% less chance of death related to any normal cause of death and it was also found that dog owners had 67% lesser chances of cardiovascular diseases.

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